Building upon a fresh, inspiring, imaginative, and unprecedented intersection of jazz and prog rock, House of Waters reinvigorates the movement with [a] new and vibrant assemblage of creativity. Centuries in the making, Rising is a defining moment in twenty-first century fusion.”

All About Jazz

...Grasping for definitions is useless with this band. Their genre can only be described by other words like fresh, calm, serene, and bliss. Hearing something this new to me feels like I'm hearing music for the first time all over again.”

Paste Music and Daytrotter

...a synthesis of dense musical influences seemingly limitless in their scope....[House of Waters has] astutely revolutionized a genre defying soundscape that encompasses a diversity of musical cultures...”

All About Jazz

US world-fusion threesome House of Waters ... sees Max ZT taking the hammered dulcimer to infinity and beyond, as Moto Fukishima’s bass-playing leaves many slack-jawed in awe.” - Mike Flynn

Jazz Wise

One of the most unique groups you will ever come across . . . I can only describe their sound as being a sound which one has longed to hear without truly realising it.”

The Bubble

[an] innovative trio... known for their unusual instrumentation and exploratory music.”

No Treble

London's new favourite band.”

Ticketmaster UK

Rising is a wonderful album in every sense of the word, a unique and jovial experience that is elegantly engaging and thoughtfully unobtrusive....Music that is as wonderfully engaging and notably unique as this only surfaces once in a long while, even in a musical landscape where there are arguably dozens of smaller acts picking away at these pre-established boundaries. House of Waters have something special in their chemistry and overall direction, a spark that paints the corners of each track on Rising. ”

Everything is Noise

A rare and beautiful gem.”

All About Jazz

[House of Waters] is a parade of memories and emotions with no choice but to be manifested as notes in a song.”